Domain Name Registration – A Simple Guide for Beginners

Domain Name Registration – A Simple Guide for Beginners

Domain Name Registration is a very simple process yet an important aspect for your business and website. Domain Name Registration is a process of acquiring a Domain Name from a company generally called as Domain Name Registrars which manages the registration of Internet Domain Names.

There are many Domain Name Registrars in the market and they operate in accordance with the guidelines of the designated domain name registries. GoDaddy is one such reputed and popular companies in the market. Now let us understand step by step process of Domain Name Registration.

Domain Name Registration - Step By Step Process

Signing Up of GoDaddy Account

The first thing all you have to do is visit the GoDaddy website and sign up for an account. It is pretty simple and the account can be started in minutes. It is completely free to sign up for an account and there is no requirement to register your credit card or debit card to start an account unless you are registering your favorite Domain Name. So needless to worry and you are free to start the account any time. You may explore everything until you are fully satisfied with the process to go ahead with the further account setting process. But before you are signing up for the account, make sure you have the following:

A valid e-mail ID


Click the “Create My Account” to start creating your account. Enter the details of your e-mail Id and create your username and  password as shown in the below image.

GoDaddy Username

Your account is ready and you are good to go now.

Update Your Account Settings

Before you start doing anything, please update your account settings. This is very important from the standpoint of getting right customer care especially when you are stuck with some problems . The right information in the account settings will help you get the support as and when in need to resolve any issue. The important things to remember while updating the account settings are given below:

Your Name & Address – Please enter all necessary information in your account profile. 

Contact Preference (Phone, Mobile, E-mail etc) – The contact preferences basically have two purpose viz to get customer support and also for account verification & security purpose during password resetting, login etc. 

Payment Methods – Please provide the details of credit card/debit card only if you have decided to purchase the Domain Name. 

Login & PIN – You get a PIN by default. You would require this PIN for verification during any customer care process. So it may be very necessary to note the PIN so that you do not face any issue during customer verification process for any reasons.


GoDaddy Settings

Now that you are ready with the account settings, you can proceed for the selection of your Domain Name. 

Choose Your Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name is very simple yet an important aspect for your business. There are some important factors to be considered while deciding your Domain Name.

Relevancy to your Business and/or Brand

Simple, short and easy to remember for your customers

Domain Name Extension (Eg. .in, .com etc.)

Availability with the Domain Registrar

Whether the Domain Name is premium or not 

Cost of Subscription Pan and Renewal

If you are interested to know more , you can refer the article “How to Choose a Domain Name” by Nick Schaferhoff.

Search Your Domain Name

Search the Domain Name of your choice and check the availability and cost of subscription renewal. Example “”. This name is not available. However, there are some other closely related names available. Make sure that the name you select has no brand conflict  or resemblance with other with other existing Domain Names. People generally get confused with other websites and you may lose traffic to your website.

See the availability of “” below.

You can notice that there are other closely related names available for buying. Similarly, check the availability of other Domain Names of your choice. Select the Domain Name, add to cart and then continue with the cart to complete the process.

Renewal Term

We are almost done with the process and now are in the most important phase of selection of renewal plan. Of course, cost and budgets are constraints sometimes. It depends on the duration for which you plan to renew. It is always better to go for a long term depending on the business horizon you have planned. This will help to save time and effort to avoid unnecessary planned annual renewals. Longer the renewal term, cheaper the plan. However, it is totally your call to decide the term.

GoDaddy Renewal Term

Billing and Payment

Billing and payment are the most important milestones in the process. It depends on the cost, budget and the purpose of the website.  Once you have decided everything, you can now click “Checkout Now” to provide all the necessary billing information like your name, address, phone, organisation etc. Complete all the required billing information and then save it. This is the same process in Payment which was explained in payment methods in the above step for up updating your account settings. 

GoDaddy Billing

You can now provide the payment details of your credit card or debit card. Complete the payment and you are done with the process. 

Check Your Domain Name Registration Status

Go to Domain Manager and you can check the status of your registered Domain Name viz status, expiry etc. Domain Manager helps you to check the status whether it is active or expired and and to plan for your next renewal. 


Domain Name Registration Process is very simple and we have tried our best to put things even more simpler. Now you are ready to go ahead with the selection of best web hosting service for hosting your website. 

If you are also interested to know more or may be you have a question, we would love to hear from you.

Either ways, please go ahead and leave a comment below.

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