Best Web Hosting Companies of 2019 – Beginner’s Guide

Best Web Hosting Companies of 2019 – Beginner’s Guide

Let us dive deep into  some facts to find out the best web hosting companies. In one of our blogs, we have discussed about the various factors that help in web hosting selection.

There are so many web hosting companies which offer different types of web hosting services and plans. The selection of web hosting company is equally important as you decide the type of hosting service. 

How will you ascertain the best hosting companies that you choose for your website?

You may do a combination of things as listed below.

1. The first best resort  is to get feedback from your professional or social network.  But this may not give you a clear and complete picture, as the user giving the feedback may have experience with limited hosting companies or the user may be biased towards a hosting company of his or her choice. 

2. You may go through some popular blogs about the web hosting companies, services, ratings etc. Blogs suggest different hosting companies, reviews, rating, mechanism of testing etc. depending upon their experience and affiliate relationship with these hosting companies.

3. Find out more details about performance and service parameters of these companies. 

In short, you may still feel uncertain about choosing the best hosting companies that suit your requirement.

Best Web Hosting Companies Referred In Popular Blogs

Here is a list of 14 popular hosting companies along with their domain authorities and recent web traffic (source – SimilarWeb).

CompanyDomain Authority (Moz)Web Traffic 
GoDaddy9476.30 Million
Bluehost9210.38 Million
Hostgator906.92 Million
SiteGround864.85 Million
DreamHost902.94 Million
Network Solutions891.83 Million
tsoHost​820.47 Million
Inmotion753.61 Million
Host Monster731.03 Million
1&1 Ionos727.42 Million
A2Hosting632.41 Million
Just Host641.16 Million
iPage552.36 Million
Hostinger522.84 Million

You may fairly get a rough idea about the best web hosting companies to be selected based on their domain authority and web traffic. Let us hand pick some of these companies for further analysis, say websites with domain authority greater than 50 and web traffic greater than 2.5 Million. 

Best Web Hosting Companies Selected

Below given is a list of top hosting companies selected for further analysis. A closer look on the number of employees, year of establishment and country may give you an idea about the years of experience and the size of the company. 

 Company Country, Year & Employees
 GoDaddyUSA, 1997, 9000+
1&1 IonosGermany, 1988, 7000+
BlueHostUSA, 2003, 700+
HostgatorUSA, 2002, 500+
SiteGroundBulgaria, 2004, 500+
HostingerUSA, 2004, 250+
DreamHostUSA, 1996, 200+
InmotionUSA, 2001, 150+

GoDaddy and 1&1 Ionos are larger organizations compared to BlueHost, Hostgator and SiteGround. Hostinger, DreamHost and Inmotion are smaller organisations compared to others.

Hosting Services Offered By Best Hosting Companies

Not all hosting companies offer all hosting services. Web hosting companies offer different web hosting services. 

 Company Shared / VPS / Dedicated
GoDaddyYes/ Yes / Yes
1&1 IonosYes/ Yes / Yes
BlueHostYes/ Yes / Yes
HostgatorYes/ Yes / Yes
SiteGroundYes/ No / Yes
HostingerYes/ Yes / No

Yes/ Yes / Yes

InmotionYes/ Yes / Yes

SiteGround does not provide VPS hosting and Hostinger does not provide dedicated hosting services. The knowledge about this information is very important to you in case you have to upgrade your hosting service plant with the selected web hosting company. Apart from the above, there are other services viz cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and re-seller hosting. 

Other Hosting Services Provided By The Best Web Hosting Companies

Recent advancement in technology has provided way to cloud hosting. WordPress has emerged as favorite platform for developer, bloggers etc. Now hosting companies are also providing cloud hosting and WordPress hosting as a service due to increase in recent demand in the market. 

 CompanyCloud / WordPress / Reseller  
GoDaddyNo / Yes / Yes
1&1 IonosYes / Yes / Yes
BlueHostNo / Yes / Yes
HostgatorYes / Yes / Yes
SiteGroundYes / Yes / Yes
HostingerYes / Yes / Yes
DreamHostYes/ Yes / No
InmotionYes / Yes / Yes 

GoDaddy and BlueHost do not provide cloud hosting and DreamHost does not reseller hosting services. 

Load Time And Uptime Of The Best Web Hosting Companies

Hosting Facts has experimentally tracked around 30+ hosting companies and compared different hosting services based on the performance of service parameters like load time, up-time, cost and support. Load time and up-time of our hand picked hosting services based on the recent data of of Hosting Facts are given below.

 (Data taken on 06th April 2019, Source : Click Here

 CompanyUp-time in % / Load Time in ms 
BlueHost  99.998%, 425 ms 
GoDaddy99.956%, 455 ms

99.992%, 714 ms


  99.871%,  385 ms 


99.976%,  984 ms
DreamHost99.945%,  709 ms
Inmotion99.938%,  808 ms

 (Data not available for 1&1 Ionos ) 

Best Web Hosting Companies - Which One To Choose?

If you have decided to host your website, then you need to answer many of your concern. 

Which are best web hosting companies?

Are they reliable and trust worthy?

How is their support response system?

Do they offer what you require?

Is their pricing reasonable and competitive in the market?

Of course, there are good number of options which you can choose for your website. And this is what it confuses more. Prices and package offers can be quite attractive and you may fall into an online contract at a click of a button. The idea is to understand how to identify and shortlist some of the best we hosting companies for your website. 

We do not intent to compare different web hosting companies and rank in order. As pointed out in our earlier blog, web hosting selection becomes easier when you are clear about your business, brand, website, purpose, expected traffic, space etc. The knowledge of some of the best web hosting companies makes your job even more easier by focusing more on hosting plans and comparison.  

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